David Waddell Art- Ceramics, Installation, Video, Collage and Drawing

David Waddell makes art. David Waddell is concerned about the formalities of sculpture. David Waddell derives work from natural occurrences and from imagined phenomena. David Waddell likes looking out his window at his yard. David Waddell has several gardens growing from bulbs in memory of lost ones. David Waddell does not know his own origins. David Waddell makes unknown work that can be seen as object, landscape, plant, animal or thing. David Waddell makes entities that are lost ones. David Waddell contemplates his origins. David Waddell made up a world of aliens when he was in fourth grade. David Waddell creates alien forms as an adult.

Who are we? What are we made of? What mysteries lie within our own selves? How do we empathize with others? How do we create empathy within objects? What is the difference between having biological children and adopting children? What does it mean to be on the outside? What is the difference between remembering something and living something? How well does our memory serve us? What is loss over time? What is grieving over time? How does collage relate to ceramics? How does imagery of mass consumerism create a portrait of who we are? What does our body remember?

Yayoi Kusuma
Louise Bourgeois
Georgia O'Keefe